Skiathos Sightseeing Tours


If you are on a Cruise ship that stops on Skiathos and you have a few hours to explore the island, you can book with us for fascinating Skiathos Sightseeing Tours to the most interesting sites, attractions and beaches. Skiathos island may be small, but there is still so much to see. The most beautiful spots are harder to get to and you may not feel confident renting a car or moped. So why not hire one of our minibuses, which includes a local experienced driver? Visit spots like Kastro, the ancient village of Skiathos or Evangelistria Monastery, located high on the Skiathos hills. Or maybe you’d like to visit the Kounistria Monastery and the Skiathos Dog Shelter and take one of the dogs on a walk overlooking the North Coast of Skiathos.


Give us a call or drop us an email and we will find a tour that best suits you!